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They say most buyers of art buy art because they want to know the artist.

Here then is a bit about me and my process.

It’s blank. A solid sheet of white. I stare at the solid sheet of white and think of the possibilities, and shrink at the potential failures.

Memories of youth and adulthood flood in as I load my paintbrush with color and start the process of blocking. Colors unfold, suggesting themselves: use me, no use me, no me, no all of us.

Paralyzed with choices, I stop and drink some coffee.

I stand quietly. Breathe, Bob, just breathe. I load my brush again and within a few hours I am, at last, past the phase of being unsure and moving into accomplishment.

Still interested?

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Equestrian art, the human form, watercolor portraiture, watercolor landscapes, oil landscapes, oil portraiture, pet portraits, abstract mixed media, and an exploration of self-expressionism that uses nature as an emotional conduit to God.

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