Bob Crane

They say most buyers of art purchase from an artist they either know or connect with on a deeper level.

Here then is a bit about me and my process.

It’s blank. A solid sheet of white. I stare at it and think of the possibilities,


Memories of youth and adulthood flood in as I load my paintbrush with color and start the process of blocking. Colors unfold, suggesting themselves into my consciousness. Form takes place. Mistakes happen, they get fixed. “Step away from the painting.”

I stop and drink some coffee.

I stand quietly. Breathe. I load my brush again and within a few hours I am, at last, past the phase of it looking like an awkward teenager. Further development and it is ready for some detail.

When someone asks how long a painting has taken me to paint I have 2 answers. The first is that the painting takes as long as it takes and the second is “30 years, that is how long I have been making mistakes and learning from them in order for me to be able to paint what I do.”

Here to explore are:

Equestrian art, the human form, watercolor portraiture, watercolor landscapes, oil landscapes, oil portraiture, pet portraits, abstract mixed media, and an exploration of self-expressionism that uses nature as an emotional conduit.

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